When they got you messed up on a whole different level…


timeless, it’s b/w.

Here are more photos from fashion week. I had so much fun and met some amazing people. I met Twiggy of http://www.vintageappetites.com & she is a doll with amazing style, it was a pleasure meeting her and we def made plans to meet up when she comes back to NYC. I also met stylist, Askia Abdull, who I stalk from a far but not purposely! Haha, he was very kind and gave me encouraging words which I am very grateful for. I can’t forget my girl Teesha Star, the girl with the hair, haha her style is so vibrant with a personality to match! I had so much fun meeting so many new, inspiring people. I also snapped this blogger who resembles Lady Gaga, but by the time I got to talk to her she was so drained from the day. That being said her personality mirrored her feelings, so I’m not too sure on what to say about her…BUT the girl has style! Also you see Amanda Lepore giving me ALL of the face in the world! WORK! Porsha Stewart from Real Housewives of Atlanta was being a sweet southern bell, of course you see no Kordell, but I KNOW that man next to her has to be her stylist or something, because you just know things like this! Haha…but I hope you all enjoyed my recap on fashion week and stay tuned for my next post❤

Natalia Kills on her way to the Alon Livné show

Alon Livné fashion show was amazing…very futuristic & detailed. These are a few of my favorite outfits from the show. The looks seemed to be a fusion of futuristic & resort at the same time. The cut outs on the garments seemed so perfect. Wish I was able to go back stage to get a closer look at the materials. All in all the show was breath taking & I am now a fan!

Some street fashion for you.

I was in love with this fun & colourful ensemble.

Ms.Jay gracing cameras

I hate myself for not really knowing who this is but many people seemed to know…maybe you could help me out! Lol

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